August 29th, 2020

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Tomorrow, August 30, the digital version of The Silicon Mage will be downpriced, US and Canada, to $1.99. I assume they're going to downprice The Silent Tower at some point soon...

Silicon Mage is still one of my favorites. I based the San Serano Missile Plant on a place that I actually worked at in the '70s... and it WAS that weird and creepy, if one had to work late at night and had to walk around those frakking MILES of dark hallways. One could easily believe that there were dark portals to other worlds behind some of those doors, and God only knew what, wandering around just down the next corridor.

They say, Write what you know, and I sure knew that!

I think the place has been torn down by this time. I drive past the off-ramp on the freeway, and wonder.

Also, George's Budayeen Cycle is being offered, Sept 1, US only, all 3 books for $2.99. Another case of someone writing what he knew...