July 12th, 2020

Party Hair

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Yet another nice downprice deal from Open Road Media. Monday, July 15 (the day all your taxes are due!), the Rainbow Abyss - Book one of Sun-Cross, my Magic Nazis duology - downpriced in US and Canada (digitally) to $1.99. (I'm guessing they'll have Book Two, The Magicians of Night, on a similar deal in the near future).

An odd and difficult book to write at the time, due to editorial issues, but one of which I'm now fond.(Sun-Cross was originally going to be one huge cinderblock of an epic, but, as I said, editorial issues...)

In other news, it's still frying hot here, and I'm staying sheltered and doing well. When I take walks early in the morning, I see LOTS of my neighbors out - and WAY more birds and squirrels than were around a year ago. I'm pushing hard to have my Fall Semester class materials switched over to an online format - it's the main reason I haven't done any Further Adventures tales for awhile. I will return to those when things get a bit more squared away. Right now, all I want to do is sleep.