July 4th, 2020

Party Hair

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On the 7th of July - Tuesday - (as another way of celebrating Ringo Starr's 80th birthday, I guess...)

Open Road Media will have a promotional deal for two of George Alec Effinger's best short stories: Target, Berlin (the silliest and most absurd of his silly and absurd period in the '70s) and The Aliens Who Knew, I Mean, Everything. These will be available in the US and Canada, Tuesday July 7 only, FOR FREE!

In other news, I hope everyone is staying safe out there. It's hot here, so this evening I get to sit with all the doors and windows open, listening to my neighbors fire off fireworks in the streets - which beats hell out of my former neighborhood, in which you could hear the sustained rolling artillery-fire from across the 405 Freeway in Inglewood until far, far into the night.