July 19th, 2015

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ALL the stories from the Further Adventures section of my website have now been uploaded to Kindle Direct!

(The one exception is the Sherlock Holmes story, The Adventure of the Antiquarian's Niece, which is available only on Smashwords)


A lot of hoops to jump through.

All future Further Adventures tales - and I hope to continue producing them at the rate of a couple or three a year - will go straight to Kindle and Smashwords; I will no longer be selling them through my website. (Although if, at some future date, I am able to start doing paintings of characters, those may be through the website - Heaven only knows when that might be, though).

MANY thanks for your patience through this process. I hope, in addition to ME not having to deal with PayPal, that I've opened the door to readers who don't necessarily want to deal with PayPal either. The digital publishing scene has changed considerably in the six years I've been running "Further Adventures" through the website, and I hope this change-over will be of benefit to everyone.

The website itself will continue, of course, as my website, and I'll try to be better about keeping news updated there.

Bless you all.
Party Hair

The Further Adventures

New Stories About Old Friends: for those who don't know, I continue to write short stories and novelettes about the characters of my old Del Rey fantasy serieses. These are available on Smashwords (smashwords.com) and on Amazon Kindle Direct. Most are $4.99. Smashwords supports all the major platforms (epub, kobo, mobi, pdf, etc), and I believe markets to sites for Nook, ePub, etc. Kindle Direct is - well, for Kindle.

So far, there are 5 Antryg and Joanna novelettes, 3 tales about Sun Wolf and Starhawk, 4 stories about Benjamin January (actually, two of these are about what Rose does while Ben is out of town), 2 each concerning John and Jenny in the Winterlands, and the gang at the Keep of Dare. Also available are the 4 stories that I wrote, over the years, for Sherlock Holmes anthologies, two of which are fantasy and two of which are "straight" Holmes stories: two are narrated by Watson, two by Mrs. Watson. Lastly, there is the vampire-on-the-Titanic novelette, "Sunrise on Running Water," in which Don Simon Ysidro from my vampire series has a very brief cameo (he has FAR too much sense to be on the Titanic himself).

I used to sell these stories on my personal website - I no longer do.

But, I will continue to write new stories about old friends, and post them on Smashwords and Kindle Direct (and announce them on LJ and FB... Twitter just makes me crazy).

I hope you all enjoy them!