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As quiet a holiday weekend as I can manage. A couple of small get-togethers, vaccinated friends and family. Planning on coming home early, so as not to be sharing the freeway with tens of thousands of drunks. Fingers crossed that the fellow with the mortar doesn't set up in the street outside my house again.

Everybody have a safe and peaceful evening. Keep your pets safe, indoors, and where possible give them some little refuge to hide in. They don't know what's going on.

In other news, George's Budayeen series will be downpriced Wednesday, July 7 (Ringo Starr's birthday!), digital, US and Canada, $3.99 for the series (When Gravity Fails, Fire in the Sun, and Exile Kiss); or, if you want to purchase only When Gravity Fails, by itself it's $1.99 - all from Open Road Media.

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