barbara_hambly (barbara_hambly) wrote,

Open Road, bless them, have put some of my very favorites of my books on sale tomorrow, Monday, May 17, US and Canada, digital, $1.99 apiece.

1) Bride of the Rat-God - probably my all-time favorite, my 1920s Hollywood fantasy about magical Pekinese and learning to love (and evading giant Manchurian rat-demons...). (And please note, my 1920s Hollywood murder mystery, Scandal in Babylon, will be out later this year. Same setting, different - though perhaps not terribly different - characters, straight murder mystery with no fantasy. The Pekes are just ordinary squish-faced fur-balls.)

2) The duology The Silent Tower/ The Silicon Mage, another of my favorites, the first of the Antryg-and-Joanna stories.

3) And the third of the Darwath trilogy (like many fantasy trilogies in the '80s and '90s, it actually ended up containing five books...), The Armies of Daylight.

And, just finished my first fantasy novel in many years (and will send it off as soon as I spell-check it this afternoon). I started it 7 years ago, wrote 75,000 words, and sent it to my agent with an outline... and then heard pretty much nothing until last month. What I heard last month was, "How soon can you finish this we need it soon." Just signed the contract, and will post more information when I'm able to... but I'm very tired and haven't swept my floors since I got that phone call.

Everyone have a lovely week!

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