barbara_hambly (barbara_hambly) wrote,

Two of my all-time favorites of my own work, downpriced through Open Road this week. Tuesday, April 27, Bride of the Rat-God, US and Canada, digital, $1.99. Probably my favorite of my own stuff: a silent film vamp is being pursued by a giant Manchurian rat-demon who is only visible to her three Pekineses. It was my valentine to my dogs, my way of lifting them out of the time-stream, and letting them live forever.

Well, and of writing about silent-era Hollywood... a place to which I am now returning, with a murder mystery series. Same setting, though different cast - but the dogs are still there. And a straight murder-mystery, not a fantasy. Scandal in Babylon, from Severn House/Cannongate - I just turned in the final page-proofs.

And Wednesday, April 28, again through Open Road, digital, $1.99 US and Canada, my other favorite, the second of the James Asher vampire series, "Traveling With the Dead."

Meanwhile, working wall-to-wall on a freelance project that's taking a great deal of time and energy, but which is dear to my heart and due in VERY SOON.

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