barbara_hambly (barbara_hambly) wrote,

It's been a trying month. My computer reached the point where the screen was blacking out 2-3 times per minute - and yes, we replaced the monitor, the connecting cable, the video card, and the power source - and the current shortage of computer parts of all varieties have delayed being able to do anything further about the situation.

I finally obtained a "loaner" computer - whose word processing feature had some very annoying glitches.

At precisely the same time as I was given the chance to do as a free-lance project a fantasy that I've been working on for 7 years... "When can you have it finished for us?" (This on top of the next two murder mysteries...) And then the page proofs for Scandal in Babylon came in. (not to mention grading exams and delivering lectures on the Fall of the Roman Empire).

BUT... Open Road is downpricing the Darwath Trilogy, one day only, digital, Tuesday, April 20 (that's also the day the page proofs are due) - $3.99, US and Canada.

Can I take a nap now?

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