barbara_hambly (barbara_hambly) wrote,

Open Road (God bless them) is putting Magicians of Night on sale, $1.99, digital, Wednesday, March 31, US and Canada. That was an odd book for me, originally intended to be a single cinderblock volume with the Rainbow Abyss (Abyss was intended to be just the first few chapters). A difficult book to write: it's always difficult for me to write about real evil. (I remember working on the Ben January book Drinking Gourd, which was about the Underground Railroad, and thinking, "This is too dark. I need to put in some lightness..." Hence the circus and minstrel-show sub-plots.

It's Spring Break, so I get to settle down for almost two weeks and do nothing but write (except for about 2 straight days of finishing up school prep for the rest of the semester...).

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