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And my Facebook account has been screwed up YET AGAIN!
Given the number of months it took for me to get a new account in order to gain access to the "Barbara Hambly, Writer" page opened for me by Open Road (these many years ago), I'm not sure I can manage to get onto FB one more time.
When I finish posting here I will kick the wall and scream.
In the meantime, Bride of the Rat-God will be downpriced on Open Road, digital, $1.99, on Sunday, March 28.
One of my absolute favorites of all my books, for all kinds of different reasons... one of which was so that my three beautiful Pekineses would live forever. (But, hey... Hollywood in 1924!)

And I'm SO pleased that I will be writing a Silent Hollywood series of murder mysteries. Same setting, though of course different (though sometimes similar) characters (due to publisher issues). (The Pekes are definitely there). Straight murder mysteries rather than fantasy: I'm just finishing up the copy-edit on the first of the series, Scandal in Babylon. Film vamp Camille de la Rose (a.k.a. Kitty Flint) discovers the corpse of an early husband in her dressing-room, and refuses to say where she was at the time of the murder. Her scholarly English sister-in-law Emma Blackstone and cameraman pal Zal Rokatansky set out to find not only who is the real killer (and who the hell Kitty is screening, and why), but why anyone would want to set Kitty up to take the fall for the crime?

And, much as I hate the thought, I will have to go shopping around for another forum for social media. Any advice on that would be appreciated.In the meantime, I understand there's a Barbara Hambly Appreciation Group on Facebook that I will investigate joining, though I'm not sure how I'll convince them that I AM Barbara Hambly.

MANY thanks!

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