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Tuesday, March 23, Witches of Wenshar - the second Sun Wolf book - will be on sale through Open Road Media, $1.99, digital, US and Canada.
To this day, Sun Wolf and Starhawk remain two of my favorites of my characters, an echo of my days of training in karate (and reading WAY too many Conan books). Sun Wolf was loosely inspired by a couple of karate senseis I trained with, as well as by Toshiro Mifune's character Sanjuro Tsubaki; Starhawk was loosely based on a very dear friend.
All else is well here, between trying to get enough sleep, and trying to keep up with the class I teach. Driving to the Farmer's Market last week I passed trash-cans set out for pick-up the following day, and one of them contained a very forlorn - and very dried-out - Christmas tree. This close to Spring Solstice, one knows that the holiday is finally done...

By the way, I am not sure what's going on with LJ posts. I'll hit the button to post an entry... then the next time I come on, I get a window saying, "Restore Previous Draft." So, you may well all be getting stale duplicate posts. I have NO idea what I'm not doing correctly. Please pardon me if that's the case.

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