barbara_hambly (barbara_hambly) wrote,

Let's hear it for Open Road Media!
This week: Walls of Air (I guess as a follow-up to Time of the Dark), and Stranger at the Wedding, US and Canada, digital, $1.99 apiece, Tuesday the 9th. Recently re-read Stranger - I'd forgotten the heroine made a brief guest-appearance in Dog Wizard. It was (partially) my portrayal of what the rest of Antryg's world looks like to the people who live there.
AND, George's book, Nick of Time, the following day, Wednesday the 10th, also digital, US and Canada, $1.99.
Glad people seem to be enjoying the audio recordings of the Ben January series. I certainly am... in between prepping lectures and reading homework assignments (and breaking up cat-fights).
The cats are, as usual, sitting in a semi-circle behind my chair crying with hunger...

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