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Apologies for being a slacker - a lot of stuff going on with my class, and being done around being VERY tired in the wake of Shot #2. About 24 hrs after the second vaccine I got a mild headache, mild sore throat, really sore arm and intermittent chills, along with severe fatigue. Everything went away after a good night's sleep, but the fatigue has come back - presumably a sign that my immune system is hard at work.

News from Open Road Media: Time of the Dark, downpriced to $1.99 Wednesday, Feb. 24, US and Canada (digital, as always). The Silicon Mage downpriced to $1.99 Thursday, also US and Canada, and George's Budayeen Series, down to $3.99 the same day. (Presumably When Gravity Fails, Fire in the Sun, and Exile Kiss - s-f noir in his Raymond Chandler vein).

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