barbara_hambly (barbara_hambly) wrote,

Wednesday, Feb 17, both Dragonsbane and Dog Wizard go on sale through Open Road Media - digital, US and Canada, $1.99 apiece! Two of my absolute favorites.

In other news, Feb 17 is the day I get Shot #2 (Pfitzer) at a drive-thru clinic near my home - fingers crossed that nothing screws up!

AND, I have been listening to the Blackstone Media audio recording of "Die Upon a Kiss," Ben January #5. Ron Butler, who reads it, has such a pleasant, mellow voice. Blackstone is bringing out the first 11 of the January mysteries in unabridged audio. I've got Free Man of Color, Fever Season, Graveyard Dust, Sold Down the River, and now Die Upon a Kiss already, so their production is pretty efficient.

Staying quietly indoors and scrambling to pull together class lectures before contracts come through for the next couple of mysteries. The scrubby little bush outside my study window turns out to be a camellia plant, which just put out a gorgeous, full-moon white blossom, to welcome the Year of the Ox.

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