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Sorry - again - for the lag in posting; it's been difficult to get work done over the past week or so.

Silicon Mage - probably one of my all-time favorites of the books I've written - on sale, digital, US and Canada, $1.99, tomorrow, Jan 10 (Sunday). Open Road Media.

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    Open Road (God bless them) is putting Magicians of Night on sale, $1.99, digital, Wednesday, March 31, US and Canada. That was an odd book for me,…

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    And my Facebook account has been screwed up YET AGAIN! Given the number of months it took for me to get a new account in order to gain access to the…

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    Tuesday, March 23, Witches of Wenshar - the second Sun Wolf book - will be on sale through Open Road Media, $1.99, digital, US and Canada. To this…

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