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A whole slew of downpriced digital offerings this week from Open Road Media: US and Canada.

Friday, December 18: $1.99 apiece - Dog Wizard (among my very favorites of my own books - Book 3 of the Antryg Windrose series), and, George Effinger's The Exile Kiss, Book 3 of his Budayeen series. (Is there a special on Book 3's for some reason?)

Saturday, December 19: also $1.99 apiece - The Witches of Wenshar (Book 2 of the Sun Wolf and Starhawk series) and two of George's lesser-known short novels, Death in Florence, and Relatives.

Wishing everyone beautiful holidays. It's still cold and dry as the surface of Mars here, and I'm spending many quiet evenings sitting in front of the fireplace. It's a gas fire, so essentially I'm gazing into a very large stove burner, but it's pretty, it's warm, and I don't have to clean it. The semester is over, so I will spend the next several days grading exams. O, tidings of comfort and joy.

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