barbara_hambly (barbara_hambly) wrote,

Monday, October 5, a boatload of George's digital backlist books go on sale, US and Canada, $1,99 each: The Exile Kiss (vol. 3 of the Budayeen series), Those Gentle Voices, Irrational Numbers (a collection of his early short stories), Live From Planet Earth (sort of a "Best Of..." of his short stories), and Budayeen Nights, a collection of his Budayeen short stories. The following day, Fire in the Sun, vol 2 of the Budayeen series, will be on sale, US only, $1.99.

All well here, aside from either a serious mosquito attack when I went out to look at the evening star the other evening, or hives... which might or might not be attributed to a new bedspread (because Yuki the Destructor proved to be eating portions of the old and much-loved spread). (And yes, I made sure the new spread was dyed with non-toxic materials...)

Yuki also eats dish towels and laundry.
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