barbara_hambly (barbara_hambly) wrote,

Sorry to be a bit behind with downprice announcements from Open Road Media... it's been a stressy week.

Sunday - Sept 20 - "Stranger At the Wedding" will be on sale from Open Road Media for $2.99, US and Canada. This is sort of a one-off set in the Universe of the Windrose Chronicles - specifically, at the Wizards College (I think we meet its heroine briefly in Dog Wizard - I was writing the books at the same time), and in the great trading-city of Angelshand. Somebody asked me what kind of book I'd write if the main characters were to be played by Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn... and this is what I came up with. Almost a 1930s romantic comedy plot, with magic...

Monday, Sept 21, Open Road will have a sale on a whole bunch of George's early works, plus "A Thousand Deaths," the collection of the Sandor Courane stories, one of my favorites (because poor Sandor can't catch a break: he gets killed in every story he features in). $1.99 apiece, US and Canada.

Thank you, Open Road!

And, the sky here is a bit clearer, the air quality "Moderate" (I'm REALLY tired of being short of breath all the time). Taking a walk before dawn this morning, the sky was clear enough to see the morning star.
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