barbara_hambly (barbara_hambly) wrote,

Weds, Sept 9 - The Darwath "Series" downpriced, US and Canada, $2.99, through Open Road Media. Not sure if this is just the trilogy (Time of the Dark, Walls of Air, Armies of Daylight) or if that includes the two follow-on one-off novels about the same people in the same universe, Mother of Winter, and Icefalcon's Quest.

I always liked those two follow-on novels - even when writing the trilogy, I knew I wanted to do a story about the Icefalcon, who is one of my favorite characters. And of course Mother of Winter involves the Evil Bishop Govannin, another of my favorites.

It continues hot here - bordering on theological conceptions, hot: 116 predicted for today (that's 46.6, for those of you in England...). When the a/c kicks on at quarter to six in the morning you know there's an issue. Even the Giant Tortoise who lives up the street is staying under cover - smart boy! I've taken to walking the moment it's light enough to see, which means I get to see the beautiful moon - just past full - and the morning star.
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