barbara_hambly (barbara_hambly) wrote,

Did my first Zoom lecture of the semester yesterday - didn't go badly, though afterwards I found my shirt soaked with sweat. I remembered coming out of the first class I taught, 14 years ago, with a massive stress-headache, thinking, "I'll never have to do that FOR THE FIRST TIME again."

My nephew warned me that teaching an online class takes 30% more time than teaching in person, and it's true. But still getting my true work done, though I plan to take off Sunday and paint. Coming down to the final polish on the Hollywood mystery - time to suit up and start researching for the next couple of outlines, although the next Ben January I have in mind is a topic which I find disturbing right now, though I think it'll be a fun book.

Blue-blazing hot here. Hope you're all well.

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