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AND here we go again.
Facebook has now disabled my page because it doesn't live up to their "Community Standards" - I have NO idea what they mean by that. I have quite literally NEVER posted on the personal page to which my business page is attached - and the Business Page consists entirely of notifications of Open Road specials.

And, here's another Open Road Special!

Tomorrow - August 26 - only, one of my favorite of all my books, "The Bride of the Rat-God," will be downpriced to $2.99 (digital) in US and Canada.

"Bride" is my Hollywood silent-film fantasy, a combination of silliness and horror. And, since it involves magical Pekineses, it was my way of letting my three little Pekes live forever. (I'll see if I can find the Gahan Wilson review of it).(In between prepping to start classes Monday...)

I'm pleased to say that I was finally able to use all the research I did for it, because the murder mystery upon which I'm currently working is also set in Hollywood in 1924, though it's a straight murder mystery - not a fantasy - and has a different cast. But the setting is the same (and there are also Pekineses in it, though they are not magical or supernatural), and it's allowed me to dig deeper into that time and place. We're still shuffling around with working titles; I will keep you posted.

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