barbara_hambly (barbara_hambly) wrote,

More of George's work downpriced through Open Road Media.

Weds Aug 19, US and Canada, George's short novel "Those Gentle Voices" and one of my favorite collections of his short stories, "A Thousand Deaths," both $1.99. My recollections of "Gentle Voices" are dim, but "A Thousand Deaths" is the collection of his stories about the hapless Sandor Courane - the poor schlub who gets killed in EVERY short story he's in.

It's no secret that George pictured himself as Sandor, the eternal screw-ee of Fate. In fact, I was very pleased when Sandor makes a quick guest appearance in one of the Budayeen books - I think it's Fire in the Sun, but I'm not sure - as the owner of a bar in the Budayeen, and DOESN'T get killed. George's wistful hopes for happily-ever-after, I think.

Still frying-hot here in South California; 109 yesterday. Taking walks at sunrise, I see the whole neighborhood out, scurrying to get their air-time in before the thermometer hits 90. Even the Giant Tortoise (who lives up the street) is staying under shelter.
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