barbara_hambly (barbara_hambly) wrote,

Still working on trying to get direct access to my Facebook page, and MANY thanks to the folks at Open Road who’re trying to get that techno-mess sorted out!

In the meantime, I’m trying the alternate scheme of reviving my page, with a link to Open Road… a task complicated by the fact that I have lost contact with the page’s webmaster. My most recent password to THAT page doesn’t work – why should it, it’s about 8 years old? – and of course everybody at the host server is out working from home and it’s VERY difficult to get in touch with ANYONE to help. I may well have to re-establish ANOTHER home page for myself, and I’ll go that route if I can’t get into

Meanwhile, thank you all for your patience! I continue to post on Live Journal and Dreamwidth, in between trying to prep for an online-live class Fall Semester (HUGE amounts of work) and trying to finish the newest murder mystery – plus other upcoming projects. (It’s the school prep that’s prevented me from doing new Further Adventures: they’re outlined, but I simply haven’t had time. At one point last semester I was getting up at 4 a.m. simply to transfer material for the following week – not the optimum way to stay mentally in shape to write).

And thank you, Open Road, for all your help and patience!

If by any chance my former webmaster reads this, could you get in touch with me at the e-mail I always had when dealing with you?
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