barbara_hambly (barbara_hambly) wrote,

Still fumfering around with FB. Still getting re-directed to the page advertising FB Marketing, and being told that I'm not authorized to post on my page, even though I've been invited REPEATEDLY to be a partner on the page.

Open Road Digital Media is having a special on the third of George's Budayeen trilogy, The Exile Kiss, Monday, July 13 - downpriced to $1.99, US and Canada, one day only. I met him just after this was published. He always said there would be a fourth, and he and I worked out an outline for it, but by that time his illness had advanced to the point that he wasn't able to write consistently.

In other news, it's frying hot here and I've done my allotted school-prep for the day, and can now go back to work on Real Work. The cats are doing their imitation of Dali's Persistence of Memory.
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