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George's book, "When Gravity Fails" (one of his absolute best) will be on-sale through Open Road Media (digital) tomorrow, Friday, June 27, US and Canada, $1.99. VERY film noir - and of course the nameless Islamic City where it takes place is clearly New Orleans with the serial-numbers filed off; so much of the fun of that series lies in the weird little side-characters, the evocation of place and atmosphere.

My agent alerted me to a VERY nice review of "Fever Season," the second of my Benjamin January series (which I hope can be reached through this link...

Ouch! The review is of three books, "Fever Season" is the middle one.

All is well here, though the Facebook issue remains frustrating: it continues to re-direct me to the Facebook for Business Advertising site (with no link for log-in to my page), even after I got a new e-mail address FROM A NEW BROWSER. And in fact, it does so when I try to sign in from a different computer. And, from the new e-mail address, the link continues to think that I'm trying to sign in from my OLD e-mail address. I've reached a point of bursting into tears at the thought of dealing with FB, though that may be a blood sugar issue. Other than that, all is well.
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