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At the end of this week, I will have my first anniversary in my new home. It is flaming damn hot and the cats are all doing their imitation of Dali's The Persistence of Memory. I am just taking a break between adding up everybody's grade, and posting them.

Back in March - the day of the first exam in History-1 - I came home to the news that the school was closing and I'd have to finish teaching the class as an online course, news that must have dismayed my students even more than it did me - some of them have VERY sketchy wi-fi at their places of residence (and some, I suspect, had none at all. I know one poor fellow was doing his assignments at his job). What it meant for me was, recording all the rest of my lectures as 20-minute podcasts, and posting amplified versions of all my PowerPoint presentations, and VERY QUICKLY coming up with alternate forms of exams and "online discussions"... all this while working on the rough draft for the first book of what I hope will be the new mystery series. (The setting will be 1920s Hollywood, a time and place I've long wanted to return to, though this is a mystery series, not fantasy. I'm keeping fairly quiet about it until it's more in shape, but that's what I've been working on. The working title of what I hope will be the first book is Scandal in Babylon, though that may change.) (Some of you may have seen that the vampire series has migrated over to Further Adventures novelettes, with "Gravemould and Ectoplasm," and I will continue it in that form.) (Other interesting stuff is stirring around also). (Interesting to me, at any rate).

In any case, I am now in an over-the-top mid-century modern tract-home, with glass walls and a kitchen the size of Nebraska, and get to spend the summer a) scripting the lectures that I will be delivering when I teach live-streaming on-line via Zoom in Fall Semester and b) researching Hollywood in the '20s some more.

And, c), engaged in the long and frustrating fumfering with my Facebook Business Account (i.e. "Barbara Hambly, Writer") which inexplicably decided not to let me onto my page anymore. (And no, the problem isn't cookies. We checked that.)

I have been advised to get an Instagram account - does anyone have experience with that they can share? I gather it's mostly pictures?

I will try to be better about posting.
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Yes - Instagram is for pictures (and videos). You load the app on your iPhone or iPad (or equivalent) and upload the pictures from there. It truncates them into squares, though. So you have to be mindful of what you're photographing and keep in mind that the whole picture isn't going to be visible. And coincidentally enough, I just created an Instagram account yesterday and have just started loading pictures: