barbara_hambly (barbara_hambly) wrote,


MAJOR stupidness about social media. For the time being, this will return to being my regular social media site. Facebook, for its own reasons, decided not to let me onto my own FB site, which was opened for me - and is still being managed for me - by the EXCELLENT and helpful folk at Open Road Media, who handle my digital backlist. But, the page has decided not to let me on - and when I try to sign on through Google or a browser, simply redirects me to their advertising page, with no option to log-in.

I will (as I have often promised in the past) try to be better about posting here more regularly. A couple of years ago I was stalked on FB, and became much more reticent about posting there or anywhere else.

So here I am - I have no idea how many of you faithful friends still deal with LJ, but at least it's something.

MANY thanks!
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