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MAJOR stupidness about social media. For the time being, this will return to being my regular social media site. Facebook, for its own reasons, decided not to let me onto my own FB site, which was opened for me - and is still being managed for me - by the EXCELLENT and helpful folk at Open Road Media, who handle my digital backlist. But, the page has decided not to let me on - and when I try to sign on through Google or a browser, simply redirects me to their advertising page, with no option to log-in.

I will (as I have often promised in the past) try to be better about posting here more regularly. A couple of years ago I was stalked on FB, and became much more reticent about posting there or anywhere else.

So here I am - I have no idea how many of you faithful friends still deal with LJ, but at least it's something.

MANY thanks!
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Well I'm also on FB but I still come here to LJ too. I hope you are well and will remain so considering what is happening here and all over the world.

The reason I don't have a Facebook account is that they insist on making it easy for stalkers. I don't want my photo online, thank you.
I moved to Dreamwidth, but I didn’t delete my account here, so when you post here I get notified. Welcome back! I’ve been reading your books while you were away....
Few people are on LiveJournal now. Almost my entire audience moved to Dreamwidth, which is as good or better in most ways, though not for photos.

Easy ways to blog regularly:

* Set recurring posts on certain days. My current list is:
Monday Update
Good News / Hard Things / Cuddle Party (alternating Wednesdays)
Self-Awareness Question (Thursdays)
Community Building Tip (Saturdays)

Poetry Fishbowl (first Tuesday of each month)
Crowdfunding Creative Jam (third weekend of each month)

Many people post about what they are reading, watching, writing, etc.

* Do short posts about things you do frequently. I do gardening and birdfeeding. Some folks post their fibercrafts.

* Bullet journaling, link clouds, and other lists don't require narrative, just jotting down a few items.

* If you want to write meatier stuff, there are places that give blog prompts.

* Some writers post excerpts of their work, tips on writing, etc.
So wonderful to see you back. :)
Welcome back!
Nice to "see" you in any case! I still use this over FB, for so many reasons -- annonymity being one. (Of course you don't know me, but I'm a dedicated reader, and always check tosee if you have anything new.)
Still reading and glad to have you back.
Good to see you - Dreamwidth is widely used these days and can be easier but I still have facebook people.
Welcome back!

LJ's pretty quiet - a lot of people migrated to Dreamwidth when the LJ servers moved to Russia - but there's still a few of us around!
Good to see you. People who are still on LJ have been recently curating their reading lists or deleting their accounts because of the suspected security breach in which passwords were compromised. Many former LJ people are active on Dreamwidth, as several people have already mentioned.

I re-read the entire Benjamin January series in the first few weeks of lockdown!
Alway happy to hear something from you
I have cancelled my direct debit to LJ as almost all my contacts are on Dreamwidth now. It's a more ethical site than LJ.
Still here and still watching for you.
Good to see you.
I've too got a Dreamwidth account, but still use LJ because I bought a permanent account, and I will get what I paid for.
I now use it as my RSS feed.
Just don't use the same password at different sites.

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