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Whew! I am pretty much all moved in to my new place.
When I moved to my house by LAX 30+ years ago, I had friends all over LA, and those friends who lived in the San Fernando Valley, I could reach - on a good day - in 20 minutes. Over the years the situation has changed. All my dearest friends now live in the Valley, and it was taking 45-60 minutes to reach them. (When I first went to work at Pierce College I could get there in 30 minutes. Now... not so much.)
And, the old house was literally falling apart. It needed to be re-piped, re-wired, needed kitchen and bathroom remodels if I was going to continue to live there. But every house on the street for the past five years, when they've sold, were simply torn down and replaced with these immense McMansions. I couldn't see pumping $100,000 that I didn't have into something that was just going to be torn down.
So, in May I sold my house (to an Investment Company, as a tear-down), and bought a slightly smaller, slightly newer one in the Valley that DIDN'T need to be re-piped or re-wired and already HAD a new, lovely, remodeled FRAKKING IMMENSE kitchen. Yes, it's hot as hell's hinges, but the house has an A/C plant the size of an apartment building. I donated literally a ton of books to the California prison library system, got rid of about half my Stuff (filling 4 construction-sized dumpsters in the process and about 6 pickup-truck-loads of stuff for the Goodwill), and the garage here is STILL packed to the ceiling with books, mostly publisher copies of my stuff and George's stuff.
So it's been a very stressful and tiring spring. (I also injured myself in the moving process, so I had to work around that).
I'll be very glad when every day doesn't involve something being inspected, installed, or repaired. We're coming to the end of that cycle, I hope, this week.
That's the explanation of why I've been even more dilatory than usual about posting. I'm happy with the new place. The old house can regenerate and go on to someone new. I'm already behind on the next book, but am able now to start work again.
I will keep you all posted. Thank you for your patience.
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Wishing you health and happiness in your new home!
Wishing you every happiness in your new home!

Yeah, books... how they do accumulate.
I'm glad to hear you're successfully moved - always a stressful experience. Wishing you good health and happiness in your new home!
Congratulations. So glad you are now in a nicer home and will now feel better after being injured moving. You are now closer to your friends and of course will soon write more books - yay!

Pictures of the kitchen!
enjoy that kitchen!
Glad to hear from you, enjoy the new place once everything settles.
I know that when I "clean sweep" (granted, never to the extent of truck-loads) it feels incredibly freeing. Hope you felt the same!
Wishing you happy years ahead in your new home!
Wishing you well! It’s a brave thing to be moving after all those years.
I hope you have only peace and happiness in the new home!

And, I just bought your collected Darwath Series in Kindle! I hope there will be more kindle collections soon!
Hi, I was hoping to get a book signed by you. Do you have a P.O Box that people can send books to for getting them signed by you?
The important thing is, how are the kitties coping?? (So many new places to explore...)
So glad that you are out from under the anxiety of old house problems, but sad to know that the McMansion trend has continued in the area.
I was out that way last year to visit my mom in Westchester. It was sad to see how much more crowded the neighborhood has become and the loss of skyline to blocky McMansions.
I hope that your new place is a good haven for you and the cats.