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04 April 2017 @ 09:24 am
Open Road E-Book Sale!
Open Road, the e-publisher which handles both my digital backlist and that of George Alec Effinger, is having a sale in April.
On April 6, The Silent Tower will be available for $1.99 in the US.
George’s short novel Death in Florence will be downpriced to $2.99 on April 20.
The same day, April 20, the Sun Wolf and Starhawk series (Ladies of Mandrigyn, Witches of Wenshar, Dark Hand of Magic) will all be $2.99 across the US.
The series will go on sale for the equivalent of $2.99 in Australia, Canada, the UK and India on April 26.
Dragonsbane will be $1.99 on April 29.
They tell me that all these one-day sales will be featured in various e-pub newsletters (BookBub, Early Bird Books, etc), but keep an eye out at Open Road.
Birgit Sternberg on May 19th, 2017 04:25 pm (UTC)
Just finished reading Pale Guardian
I just finished reading "Pale Guardian" and really loved it (as I did all the other James Asher Novels and most of your other books as well). All of your written characters feel real and believable to me, and the historical background is as always very well researched and written.

There is only one very small complaint: Being german I'm a bit vexed when you use german sentences or book titles and they are wrong, even just a little bit. Either grammatical errors or using expressions no German would ever use. If your editors can't find a native speaker to help you I happily volunteer to edit any and all german words/sentences/names you wish to use in your future novels, absolutely free of charge. After the many enjoyable hours you gifted me with when I read your books that's the least I can offer!

Best regards from Birgit

PS: If I like a book very much (like this one) I usually read it at least twice and then I buy the audio book and listen to it over and over again. So I'm a bit sad that there only exist audio books of the first two books of the series... - but I can hope, can't I?