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The Further Adventures

New Stories About Old Friends: for those who don't know, I continue to write short stories and novelettes about the characters of my old Del Rey fantasy serieses. These are available on Smashwords ( and on Amazon Kindle Direct. Most are $4.99. Smashwords supports all the major platforms (epub, kobo, mobi, pdf, etc), and I believe markets to sites for Nook, ePub, etc. Kindle Direct is - well, for Kindle.

So far, there are 5 Antryg and Joanna novelettes, 3 tales about Sun Wolf and Starhawk, 4 stories about Benjamin January (actually, two of these are about what Rose does while Ben is out of town), 2 each concerning John and Jenny in the Winterlands, and the gang at the Keep of Dare. Also available are the 4 stories that I wrote, over the years, for Sherlock Holmes anthologies, two of which are fantasy and two of which are "straight" Holmes stories: two are narrated by Watson, two by Mrs. Watson. Lastly, there is the vampire-on-the-Titanic novelette, "Sunrise on Running Water," in which Don Simon Ysidro from my vampire series has a very brief cameo (he has FAR too much sense to be on the Titanic himself).

I used to sell these stories on my personal website - I no longer do.

But, I will continue to write new stories about old friends, and post them on Smashwords and Kindle Direct (and announce them on LJ and FB... Twitter just makes me crazy).

I hope you all enjoy them!
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ahhh, something to noodle about on my Nook then...

of course, "How to Build A Temple To The Rat God" would be a nice monograph to read.
I could only find one of the "Further Adventures" on iBooks. :-( I prefer to use that because I can simply use an iTunes card. And with the Aussie dollar dropping like a stone I really would rather not use my card on Smashwords, much as I'd love to read some of those stories you mention. It will just have to wait a while. Meanwhile, will there be any Ben January books in iBooks? I've read the lot, from my local library, so glad to hear another one is coming out! Likewise the James Asher series - just finishing up the latest!
It's good that you're still writing about old favorites. Disappointing that you only do it through limited sites now, because there are a zillion sites that sell words and not everyone uses the same ones; but still better than nothing.