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10 February 2013 @ 11:19 am
Soft gray chilly weather. A day of laundry, tea, and acting as referee at the cat-fights.

Draft 2 done. Always a relief - draft 2 is the shape of the real book. I can read it then and see what still needs to be done (How come three of the major characters have names starting with Na...? Is Lord Colwich possessed by an evil spirit in this scene or not? HOW many aunts does Lydia have?)

Also finished my little Dr. Who piece for the anthology Outside In 2 - I'll let everyone know when that comes out. And I understand from rumor (not that the publisher has mentioned it to me or anything) that Ben January # 12, Good Man Friday (a.k.a. Mr. J Goes to Washington) will be out in May.

I'll also take the little breathing-space to work on another story for Further Adventures. The difficulties of Asher/Ysidro #5 - and it WAS a difficult story to get a handle on - added to a particularly trying semester in Fall brought the short-story to a halt, which did turn out for the best: it let me re-think how I wanted it to unfold. It'll be so nice to go back to writing straight fantasy
for a bit.

As I've said on Facebook, next weekend is Gallifrey One, the local Dr. Who convention. I'm part of the "local talent" squad rather than anything in the Main Attractions department, which is as it should be: it's a Dr. Who con, and the fans may or may not be readers of sf, fantasy, mysteries, or anything else and there's no reason why they should be. I'll be doing a kaffeeklatsch, a couple of panels, and a couple of signings, and will be able to get all fannish and perhaps meet Michael Jayston, whose acting work I've delighted in since I first saw him in 1968 in that amazing naked-green-fairies BBC production of Midsummer Night's Dream. (Ian Richardson, Ian Holm, and Judi Dench were the naked green fairies - Mr. Jayston, David Warner, Hellen Mirren and Diana Rigg all kept their clothes on - but what a cast! You probably couldn't afford to assemble it today.) (I still watch it just to hear the beauty of the language).
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