barbara_hambly (barbara_hambly) wrote,
After years of trouncing on the other cats, in her old age poor Rocky is finding out that what goes around, comes around. For all her pretty softness, Polly is a scrapper, and now that Gus has grown into a great big tom-cat, Rocky has been ousted from her position as Head Critter in the house. She's sulking and angry, and has retreated to the dining-room table, and a big cardboard box left over from a friend's birthday present: Fortress Rocky. She hides in it and growls whenever any of the other cats comes into the front room. I'm very sorry for her, because I love her very much, but she DID ask for it. As far as I can tell, Polly doesn't attack her, but she won't let herself be attacked the way the much milder Cupcake does.

I love watching the group dynamics. They do exactly what people do, except they don't pretend they're doing something else.

And all three girls still completely ignore Damsel. Only Gus interacts with her, and he's very nice about it when she attacks him and tries to tear out his throat. (She has no muzzle to speak of, and he's twice her size, so it's all good. She needs the exercise.)

Still hot gray monsoon weather here.
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