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12 October 2012 @ 12:33 pm
It's spider season! Shelob the Great has returned to my front yard and spun her web between the corner of my house and the corner of the neighbor's - a big frakkin' web for a spider whose body is the size of my thumb. She (well, one of the line - I know they don't live more than a year or so) builds her web there every year. I keep knocking it down (carefully) in order to get to the trash-cans, and it's back in the morning. I'm VERY careful taking out the trash after dark.

(I presume the human bones I found entangled in the web a year or so ago were the postal carrier's - there were letters scattered on the ground, and an empty can of dog-repellant. I presume Shelob used the dog-repellent as seasoning. She's like that)

It's also helicopter season. They're hovering over where the Shuttle is parked, a mile or so from my house. I heard the sirens and beepers in the small hours of the morning.
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